Friday, January 31, 2014

Strong 2013 RV Sales Market Showing Delights Folsom RV Parts Dealers

With the slowed sales lasting almost half a decade, the recent upturn is a welcome chance for everyone involved to recover losses incurred during that time. Pent-up consumer demand and easier access to financing have made it easier for buyers to fund motor home purchases as high as $150,000. This, in turn, has helped drive business in the RV industry upward.

Prairie City RV Center, a dealer for RV parts in Sacramento and Folsom, California, is enthusiastic about the development. Stronger RV sales likewise translates into a greater need for parts and accessories, and the Center is eager to see open its doors to new customers in the coming year.


Wednesday, January 29, 2014

RV Repair in Sacramento: A Quick-and-Easy RV Maintenance Checklist

Providing both the comfort of home and the freedom of the open road, recreational vehicles are once again becoming a popular automobile choice. As with any motor vehicle, an RV requires regular maintenance to ensure that it’s always running in tiptop shape. However, first-time RV owners may not be aware of everything that needs to be done to keep it working great. Citing an article from Rand McNally, a noted shop providing RV repair in Sacramento lists the following essentials.

Tire pressure: The optimal tire pressures on an RV vary from vehicle to vehicle. Additionally, with weight distribution varying across the length of the vehicle, front and rear tire pressures may also differ. Consult with the RV and tire manufacturers about the proper inflation when the vehicle is fully loaded.