Monday, May 12, 2014

Protect Your Folsom RV Investment through With Maintenance Efforts

Lynda Altman of Yahoo! Voices writes that RV buyers have a wide range of options these days, from Class A recreational vehicles to travel trailers. The decision-making process can be overwhelming as many of these RVs boast of state-of-the-features and amenities. Altman writes that for most families, vehicle size is a primary consideration when selecting the ideal RV.

Price is also a big factor when choosing an RV in Folsom. Those with tight budgets, for instance, are not likely to choose Class A RVs favored by some rock stars and celebrities. A travel trailer attached to a tow vehicle would be a more practical choice for most folks. Families that plan to buy a travel trailer may want to determine whether or not their existing vehicles are capable of towing such a trailer.


Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sacramento RV Repair Services Get RVs Ready for Springtime Camping

Springtime is the best season to enjoy what Mother Nature has to offer. Lorri Brown writes in Yahoo! Voices that camping via a recreational vehicle (RV) can serve as a practical alternative to costly hotel stays.

Not all kids may embrace the idea of camping, though, especially if they have been used to staying in lavish hotel rooms in Sacramento. However, parents should know that it’s never too late to acquaint their kids with all the perks of a great outdoor adventure. To make things easier for everyone, it would be sensible to acquire an RV with hotel-like amenities such as entertainment systems and hot-and-cold showers.


Thursday, May 8, 2014

Folsom RV Holding the Ground Against Bear Raids on Food Stashes

In 2010, Birnbaum and his wife camped in a trailer at Soda Butte Campground in Montana when the grounds were attacked by a black bear. Such an attack often takes place against campers in tents, which bears can rip through with ease. Although it was their first time camping in an RV trailer; it seemed like they made the right call.

To make your RV even more bear-proof, find a way to interfere with the bear’s sense of smell, its main tool in hunting for food. Cayenne pepper, for instance, has worked wonders for campers, as shown in one MythBusters episode. Tests showed that the strong scent of the pepper prevented the bear from approaching a vehicle coated with the stuff.


Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Sacramento RV Repair: Higher Risk of Warm Season RV Tire Blowouts

Proper inflation is the typically the first thing that comes to mind. Not only does it maintain driving stability and optimize fuel economy, it also prevents excess sidewall flexing. As the tire keeps its intended form, it is less likely to succumb to the stress of flexing, thereby reducing the chances of a tire blowout.

You may also want to have brake pads and other tire components checked by a Sacramento RV repair expert like Prairie City RV Center. After all, brakes that create excessive friction can increase the tire temperature. Such a problem can also point the need for a proper brake replacement, especially if the vehicle makes weird noises or you feel pulsating whenever you hit the brake.