Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Keeping Your RV’s Rubber Roof Well-Maintained

If you own an RV in Folsom or Roseville, you would know how important it is to make sure the rubber roof stays in top condition. While many think of it is an expensive and time consuming task, the truth is that it can be done with inexpensive tools and products in no time. If the rubber of your RV roof is damaged, chances are that water can penetrate inside easily, leading to leaks and further damage. In addition, if a branch or tree has rubbed against your roof, then you must take measures to repair any cracks instantly. In time, these minor damages can grow worse and cost you a lot more.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

RV Repair in Sacramento: Avoiding Brake Failure on Your Vehicle

Being a heavily loaded automobile, your RV can cause a lot of damage if the brakes are not in top condition. Since most people use RVs for long road trips, so it becomes essential to ensure that the brakes are working well before you leave for any trip. You wouldn’t want to put yours and your family’s life in danger by driving on a highway in an RV with loose brakes. If your RV hasn’t been brought in for routine maintenance, there can be a lot of wear and tear to the brakes and other areas. Corrosion and rust can easily cause your RV brakes to stop working. The good news is that you can easily find a professional in trailer repair in Sacramento or do it yourself as well by following some maintenance tips.

Friday, April 8, 2016

Why You Need to Get Your Folsom RV Maintained in All Types of Season

Most people only use their RV on occasion and some, as a result, are confident it’s not suffering any issues from wear and tear. However, damages don’t necessarily just happen on the road. In fact, it’s also very possible that the deterioration occurs not from frequent use, but in keeping it idle for extended periods of time. Leaks and Frozen Pipes Storing your RV in your garage does not necessarily keep it safe, especially when the weather drops. There’s no stopping the winter cold, for example, and the low temperatures are sure to affect your RV’s pipelines. If you don’t apply antifreeze properly, you could end up with frozen or broken pipes.

RV Repair in Sacramento: Some Common Issues and What to Do About Them

You’ve got your bags packed, your itinerary set for the long drive. Before you take off with your RV there’s still one very important thing that you have to do: a maintenance and repair check. Some RV owners are of the belief that since they didn’t take out their vehicle for several weeks or months, it should still be in perfect working condition. However, even in the confines and shelter of your garage, wear and tear, and deterioration are still very probable scenarios. You don’t want to have to face these problems when you’re already on the road, of course, so the best advice for you is to give a quick check on your RV, and if necessary, bring it over to a center for RV repair in Sacramento. Your RV’s and your family’s safety rests on it.

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Basic and Helpful Tips for Planning Your First RV Adventure

If you have recently purchased a Folsom RV and are itching to get out and explore the world with an adventure, you may be wondering what you need to know about RV life to make the most out of your time on the road. There are numerous tips that you could research and follow regarding your trip itinerary, the best times of year to travel to different locations and more. However, these are practical tips that can help you at any campground or RV park where you choose to spend time in. Pay Attention to the Space Available One of the most common factors that you will look at when comparing different RV parks to park your vehicle at when on your adventures is the size of the parking spaces.

Important Things to Look for in Your RV and Trailer Repair Center

When you purchased your travel trailer or RV, you likely had grand visions of having amazing adventures outdoors with your family and friends. Your RV or travel trailer may have already provided you with a home away from home on several adventures or more, but most trailers and RVs will require some maintenance and repair work from time to time. This may be because of general wear and tear over time or because of a mishap. When you are looking for an RV or travel trailer repair in Sacramento to take your vehicle to, like Prairie City RV Center, you may consider looking for a center with affordable rates and a convenient location, but there are other factors to think about as well.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

RV Experts Share Helpful Tips on Winterizing Your RV

While some people like to RV all year, many people will only take the RV out for summer or early fall camping trips. Once winter hits, they store the RV until it’s time for the nice weather again. You’ll have to buy the right RV parts for winterizing your RV, which can be purchase in a Folsom or Sacramento store that specializes in having the parts you’ll need. Remove the Water You’ll need to remove the water from the RV. If the water is left in the tanks or heaters, it can cause lines to freeze and tanks to crack. You’ll need to remove inline water filters before starting to remove the water. Drain the holding tank that houses the fresh water in your RV. You’ll have to drain and flush the gray and black tanks too.

Most Common Issues Requiring Skilled RV Repair in Sacramento

If you own an RV or a trailer, you must learn how to troubleshoot and repair key components after they malfunction. By educating yourself, you’ll less likely end up stranded on the side of the road when you take a long road trip in Sacramento. Tire Blowout A tire blowout can occur without notice if you take frequent trips in your RV throughout the year. To prevent a blowout, you must inspect every tire’s condition and air pressure on a regular basis. Water Damage Water intrusion can severely damage key components in your RV. However, some insurance companies won’t cover damage that’s caused by rain and leakages. This is why you must seal and winterize your RV to prevent corrosion under the hood.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

RV Buying Guide: Features to Look for When Making a Smart Purchase

If you have already started shopping around for a new or used Folsom RV or even if you have only started exploring the options online, you may be well aware that there are a seemingly endless range of styles, sizes, models and features to choose from. It can be easy to get lost in the excitement and purchase something that does not quite meet your needs. You can avoid this from happening when buying your new or used Roseville RV when you focus on these tips. Pay Attention to Living and Sleeping Space The RV that you choose should ideally be large enough for how you intend to use it. For example, it is not practical for a family of four to purchase an RV that only has sleeping space for two.

Broken Down: Common Issues that Require Expert RV Repair Services

Recreational vehicles allow travelers to tour the country in unmatched comfort. From flat-screen TVs to microwaves, everything that you need is at your disposal. Like any other vehicle, an RV will eventually need to be serviced at some point. Here are some of the most common repairs that RV owners may experience and how RV repair experts in Sacramento can help get them back on the road in no time. Tire Blowout In order to avoid disaster, drivers must keep tabs on the RV’s tire pressure. In the blink of an eye, a poorly maintained tire can suddenly explode. Not only is this a very dangerous situation, but the tire blowout can also cause extensive damage.

Monday, April 4, 2016

A Handy RV Tire Buying Guide: Important Considerations for Travelers

If you’d like to buy new tires for your RV in Folsom, you can usually get great recommendations by reading your owner’s manual. Most RV manufacturers include information about sizes, depth, and other key factors in the maintenance and repair section. Sidewall Strength If you’re going to drive your RV on harsh roads, you may want to put light truck tires on the vehicle because the treads are more durable. Other tires are less efficient since they have weaker sidewalls. Travel Considerations The weather, the driving conditions in your local area, and the length of your road trip will determine the type of tires that you should buy. At any reputable automotive shop, you’ll find a variety of RV tires that are suitable for long trips, rainstorms, and snowstorms.

Sunday, April 3, 2016

Protect Your RV From Water Damage with Regular Maintenance and Care

When it comes to recreational vehicles, water damage is all too common. The fact is that the only thing keeping water out of most vehicles is some caulking and waterproofing along the seams. It only takes one season in the Sacramento sun for this material to start wearing down, so vigilance is important. Whether you own a Diesel Pusher or have invested in a lightweight trailer that can travel the country with you, here’s what you need to know about the rain and your recreational vehicle. Take Care of the Roof You can turn to the professionals for RV repair in Sacramento but it’s better to avoid the problem in the first place. Water leaks commonly start along the seams in the roof, so give this area the tender loving care that it deserves.