Sunday, November 9, 2014

Convenient Folsom RV Parts for RV Restoration or Repair Projects

Like a home, an RV needs to be well-kept in order to preserve the functionality of its appliances. Unlike ordinary fans and heating systems, however, the appliances within an RV are usually built-in, and cannot be replaced with equipment from regular appliance stores. It is a good thing that owners can always approach a specialty Folsom RV part shop like Prairie City RV Center if they need replacements for their damaged appliances. RVs are usually very costly investments, and it would be extremely wasteful to buy another one just because the previous unit had defective or faulty parts. The better, more economical option would be to replace all the damaged parts with new ones. Specialty stores that sell RV parts in Sacramento are sure to have a wide selection of components, perfect for those looking to completely overhaul their old RVs. Those looking to restore old RVs (like the one featured in the article) can drop by these stores and replace the parts that no longer work.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Folsom Trailer Repair Tips: Locating Water Damage In Your Motorhome

Don’t be fooled by the fact that your RV looks like any typical van. The fact that there are plumbing fixtures present in your RV means it is susceptible to moisture problems that lead to mold growth, much like a house is. Fortunately, detecting water damage in an RV isn’t overly difficult. According to Sacramento RV repair experts, you should do the following to help you detect water damage in your motorhome: Feel around the exterior Delamination (or air bubbles) underneath the finish of your RV is a telltale sign that water has found a way inside your motorhome. Although delamination is usually a visually obvious sign, you should take the time to feel around for air bubbles. In many cases, you can catch delamination in its earliest stages.