Saturday, September 5, 2015

Maximize Fun: Some Essential and Optional Accessories for Your RV

Living in California cities like Folsom or Roseville, you are in close proximity to the state’s many recreation sites, including its over 5,000 acres of parks in the Sacramento area lone. Many of these parks are great spots for RV camping. If you love traveling and the outdoors, this is a great place. Here’s a few thing to take into account to maximize your fun. Equipping Your Vehicle When you buy your RV, it might not have all the essential equipment that you’ll want and need. . The Fun Times Guide highlights five categories of essential equipment that are probably not included in the purchase: waste water management, food preparation and storage, entertainment systems, cleaning supplies, and clothes storage. Finding them won’t be hard, though. Many RV centers, such as Prairie City RV, also provide parts and accessories on top of providing repair services.

Thursday, September 3, 2015

RV Repair, Maintenance, and Destination Considerations for an RV Trip

The city of Sacramento is home to more than 5,000 acres of park system. For RV lovers, they have a whole slew of choices where they can go RV camping. The Travel Tips section of USA Today lists Downtown Sacramento, Cal-Expo, South Sacramento, Tradewinds, and West Sacramento as key areas to check out if you plan an RV camping trip. Before going on your trip, be sure to contact your target park early to make reservations and confirm that your RV doesn’t exceed length restrictions. Be sure that your RV is in optimal condition and you have all the accessories you need for the trip. If there are problems, bring it to an RV repair shop, like Prairie City RV, right away so it would be prepared come your vacation day.