Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Buying a Used RV in Folsom? Take Note of the Following Factors First

One of the most common problems that affects RVs is damage done either by the weather or by a leaking hose somewhere within the vehicle. Water damage is actually pretty easy to spot, and consumers should keep an eye out for discolored walls, water stains on the carpet or other linens, and countertops that look like they’ve been used a bit too hard.

If the previous owner largely neglected the RV’s water systems, then you can expect related problems to surface before long. RV water systems consist of a fresh water tank and a black water tank (for waste water), and the whole system can’t work efficiently if either component is faulty. Thus, before purchasing a used RV in Folsom, be sure to check for leaks in the tank, broken water lines, and damage to the water pumps. Or bring it in to a shop for a professional inspection.


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